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Success By 6®

What Is Success By 6®?

Success By 6® is an initiative dedicated to ensuring that children ages 0 to 6 have access to programs that support their healthy growth and development. Success By 6® builds community through engaging citizens in early childhood development and funding programs that strengthen services for young children and families.

In BC, Success By 6® is being initiated by a unique partnership among credit unions, United Ways and the provincial government through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). As part of its commitment to Success By 6®, the BC government provided a $10 million grant to establish the Early Childhood Development Provincial Partnership Fund. The lead partners are now working collaboratively to support the development of Success By 6® initiatives throughout BC. These initiatives will build on existing early childhood development activities, engage a broad range of sectors to raise the profile of early childhood development and match the $10 million through community and provincial fundraising efforts.

Why Success By 6®?

The most critical period of a child's development is from conception to age six. We know that when children receive the right nutrition, nurturing and care in these first six years, the result can be tremendous. As they grow into teens and adults, they are far less likely to drop out of school, abuse drugs, have health problems or become involved in crime. Early childhood development benefits an entire community and not just one segment of the population.

While Success By 6® funds early childhood development programs, it is through its model of community mobilization and engagement of non-traditional champions for children, that the initiative acts as a catalyst for change and ensures a long term and sustainable impact. This community-based, locally-driven initiative has been proven to be an effective catalyst in 350 communities in North America including BC's Lower Mainland.

What Is Success By 6® Trying To Accomplish In BC?

Lead partner groups are working to establish Success By 6® initiatives - and it is expected that there will be about 15 initiatives in BC. Each Success By 6® initiative will engage a broad range of sectors - business, labour, education, health, government, aboriginal, multicultural and faith groups, service clubs, early childhood development coalitions and others to advance early childhood development as a community priority. The goal is to build the capacity of parents and communities throughout British Columbia so that children 0-6 can be: healthy; safe and secure; socially engaged and responsible; and successful learners.

What Has Happened And What Are The Next Steps?

Since the fall of 2003, United Ways, credit unions, government and communities throughout BC have been engaged in discussions as to how to best structure the initiative, including which geographic areas would make sense for Success By 6®. Four regions have emerged (which closely parallel provincial Health and MCFD regions) and each will have a number of Success By 6® initiatives:

· Vancouver Island (5 Success By 6® initiatives)
· North (likely 3-5 initiatives)
· Interior (likely 5 - 7 initiatives)
· Fraser Valley / Lower Mainland (2 initiatives)

The lead partners in each Success By 6® initiative are responsible for developing a local Council of Partners who will:

· Conduct or build upon community research; work with the community to develop an early childhood development strategic plan; and identify those priorities best addressed by Success By 6®
· Raise awareness of the importance of early childhood development
· Raise funds for Success By 6®
· Fund community programs that address the identified Success By 6® priorities.

In addition, Success By 6® fundraising and marketing tools/materials have been developed for use across the province.

When Will Funds Be Available?

· December 2003 - Spring 2004 - lead partners access Capacity Funds to begin developing their Council of Partners, conducting or building upon community research, and supporting the development of community wide strategic plans.

· Spring 2004 onwards - once a Council of Partners has identified its priorities, developed public awareness and fundraising plan, and raised funds for Success By 6®, it is eligible for matching funds from the Provincial Partnership. The Council of Partners will then fund local community projects that meet its Success By 6® priorities.

· March 2004 onwards - some provincial organizations will receive funding from the Provincial Partnership Fund for specific projects which support Success By 6® initiatives and enhance early childhood development in BC.

Stay informed:

Success By 6® updates will be provided periodically. If you would like to be placed on a distribution list for update information, please contact:

Provincial Success By 6® team c/o Cindy Cassidy
Phone : 604 -294-8929, local 2461 Email : [email protected]

For information about Success By 6® in the Central Island area, contact
N. Lynne Brown, Chief Operating Officer, United Way of Nanaimo & District
Phone: 250-729-7400 Email: [email protected]

For information about Success By 6 in BC, please visit www.successby6bc.ca


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