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United Way of Nanaimo & District
204 - 2290 Bowen Road
Nanaimo, BC
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About the United Way of Nanaimo & District

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Fund Raising | Accountability | Financial Statements | Volunteerism

Who we are:

The United Way of Nanaimo & District is a non-profit organization and a registered charity (Business Number BN# 11926 0537 RR0001 Society Number S-5458). We raise and distribute funds for human care programs and provide non-financial support services to 28 member agencies in Nanaimo & District from Ladysmith to Parksville. We also partner and support other initiatives for community development. The United Way has been a presence in the community since 1958 and helps fund services that directly benefit one in three people in our area – more than 40,000 people every year.

United Way of Nanaimo & District Staff List

Executive Director: S.D. (Lee) Mason
Administrative Assistant: Eva Sablatnig
Bookkeeper: Darlene Mah

United Way of Nanaimo & District Board of Directors 2004-2005


President: Jeff Brown
· 1st Vice-President: Marianne Erb
· 2nd Vice-President: Veronica Nicholson
Secretary: Andrew Croll
· Treasurer: M. Peter Neale


Walter Anderson
Tracy Caumartin
Diane Dewberry
Klas Fogelklou
Laureen Garteig
Janet Harms
Glenn Kelso
Rob King
Graham Morris
Susan Murphy
· Elaine Winquist
Rob Zver

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Our Mission

To improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collection action.

Our Objectives

¨ to help our community to anticipate and to resolve human care issues;

¨ to provide leadership and to promote volunteerism in all segments of the community;

¨ to provide the financial and administrative means to assist citizens in our community to help each other in the most efficient, effective and accountable way;

¨ to enhance the ability of funded agencies to deliver services more effectively; and

¨ to maintain the vitality and accountability of the United Way of Nanaimo & District

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The United Way Symbol

The familiar United Way symbol has a simple but universal message.

At the bottom is a helping hand. The hand symbolizes the services and programs supported by United Way that, in turn, support the people in our community.

The image in the centre, based on the universal symbol of humanity, is cradled by the helping hand. It shows that all people are supported and uplifted by United Way efforts.

A rainbow springs from the helping hand, representing the hope of a better life, possible through the United Way.

In these simple symbols is the sum total of the philosophy of the United Way: to promote volunteerism and to support voluntary organizations in their efforts to provide a better life for all.

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Health and Social Services Component

United Way is committed to building a strong and healthy community for all. The role of United Way is to match the resources of the community (the fundraising campaign) to those areas of greatest need. United Way agencies respond to health and social service issues in our communities.

Click here for information about the programs your dollars support

Fund Raising

By working together, we can make our community a better place for everyone. The money is raised in the community through workplace campaigns, special events, planned giving, etc., and it stays in the community to fund various programs to help people from all walks of life. For information on starting a workplace campaign, contact the United Way office at 250-729-7400 or via email.


Year after year, market research shows United Way to be one of the leading charities in Canada. We lead in terms of awareness and prominence with transparency, accountability, and trust as valuable assets. United Way is accountable to its donors and the public to ensure prudent, effective and efficient distribution, and the use of its resources in accordance with United Way Statement of Principles of Donors’ Rights.

Financial Statements

w  2004 Financial Statements (PDF format - click below for free download)

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United Way volunteers are essential to the services and programs provided to the community. Thousands of hours are volunteered to the work of United Way. We are working together. We are building better lives. We are the United Way. Because of our volunteer component your United Way uses only 4% of charitable donations for administration purposes.

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